Fundraising – Corporate Sponsorship & Donations

Throughout the year, the London Chapter of Power of HOPE holds various fundraising events, such as Dances, Comedy Nights, Car Washes and Community Picnics, to raise funds to help purchase items needed for Comfort Packs, Christmas Packages and Towel Baskets.

Power of HOPE is constantly looking for corporate sponsors for our fundraising events as well as for donations of bulk items or large cash donations. If you are a manufacturer or supplier of any of the items that we collect, please consider making a corporate donation.

Each year, Power of HOPE also holds its Six Weeks of HOPE Campaign to collect pyjamas, stuffed toys and other items for its Christmas Packages. We hold Christmas Toy and Pyjama drives at local schools, residential care homes, businesses and stores. If you would like to support our Christmas Campaign, contact us with your information and location.

We accept donations of items for our packages all year round, and appreciate any cash or PayPal donations from private individuals and businesses. Monetary donations are used to help fund purchases of additional items needed for our packages.

If you would like to help children in need and low income families within the London area, please consider being a corporate sponsor, attend one of our events, donate items needed or make a cash or credit card donation via PayPal.

You will receive a tax receipt for all monetary donations over $10.



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